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10 Great Ideas for Pregnancy Announcement Cards


10 Great Ideas for Pregnancy Announcement Cards

10 Great Ideas for Pregnancy Announcement Cards

 10 amazing ideas to inspire you and your partner when preparing pregnancy announcement cards

1 . Get creative with an ultrasound

Copy your baby's first ultrasound and print dozens of copies to use as the background of the card. Stick the image on a postcard-sized card and place the words "soon" on the top-right corner of the ultrasound image, along with the expected date of your baby's birth.

2 . Use a positive test result

Find the must-have photo for a positive pregnancy test and make a digital photo card. Let the picture speak for you, but be prepared to receive a flood of calls, text messages and emails.

3 . Toddler shoes

Put a picture of toddler shoes on a pre-designed pregnancy advertisement and send it in digital format to your family and friends.

4 . Help your older child

Dress your older child in a T-shirt that says "Big Brother" or "Big Sister" and take a picture, print it and send it to those close to you, along with a small note writing your child's expected due date.

5 . Use the board

Buy a small board and draw an arrow facing downwards with your baby's due date. Have your partner take a picture of you holding the board, focusing on the middle of your body. Print the picture and send it to those close to you.

6 . Seats are reserved!

Lay three chairs next to each other on the lawn, one for you, one for your husband, and one for your expectant child. Set the camera timer, and sit down with you and your partner in your two chairs and smile. The message will be clear so that everyone, including relatives and friends, may visit you at home to congratulate you.

7 . Mail the news

Tie a pretty knot around a letter with your good news and mail it to your family and friends.

8 . Happy birthday!

Send an invitation to your loved ones online to attend a birthday party, but write down vague information and have them click through to see the details.

Inside the invitation, ask them to celebrate the birth of your baby with you and your husband in the spirit, as you are both waiting to welcome this new person on that particular day.

9 . "by the way"

Make a note to a few of your favorite people as if you are reassuring about their condition and telling them what's new in your life. At the bottom of the message, write a note that reads, "We are waiting for a baby (insert expected due date)".

10 . Your photo on the front cover of the magazine

Design a magazine cover with a picture of you and your bulging stomach on the front cover. Article titles should reveal details about your pregnancy, such as the expected due date, the foods you crave, and the baby's gender (if you know it). Mail it and wait for your congratulations.

Prize: Winner!

Ask for custom cards with a scraping area that says “Knock, knock! Who is at the door? ” Card recipients will scrape the ticket to find “Child [ Insert your family name ] , Date of arrival [ Insert your expected date of birth ] ”.

Announcing your pregnancy (even if it's for the second, third, or even fourth time) is great, so enjoy it!