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Announcing pregnancy: Tell your co-workers


Announcing pregnancy: Tell your co-workers

Announcing pregnancy: Tell your co-workers

 Congratulations! It's hard to keep this happy news to yourself, but before you spread it to your workplace, be inspired by the following nine cute pregnancy announcement ideas. 

1 . Your manager

Your manager should be the first to know about this good news. Make sure you tell her the news in a way that isn't banal - she'll have to turn the wheel without you! You might offer her to eat lunch at a restaurant, then give her the good news during lunch. Or, you can schedule a meeting with your manager and HR representative and offer them some delicious desserts before getting into the details of the maternity leave that you require. 

2 . Candy

Place a jar full of blue and pink jelly candy on your desk, with a poster that says "From me and my expected baby" on the side. Email all of the office personnel (or just your team members) letting them know you have candy on your desk and watch them slowly begin to question. 

3 . The good news!

Wait for the next companywide meeting to announce the good news. When the meeting chair asks about any news or announcements, raise your hand and tell your colleagues that you and your partner are waiting for a happy accident. 

4 . Announcing pregnancy and gender together

Wait until you know the gender of your baby and announce the two news together. After you know the type of your baby, make some candy and add a few drops of red or blue food coloring to her dough. The next day, bring your home made dessert with you, and leave a label next to it.

5 . Tell someone and then let the news spread

If you are working with a small group of people, tell one or two of them and let the news spread - a little bit of goodwill gossip is good for everyone!

6 . Everyone loves bread pills sprinkled with sugar!

Go to work with a bag full of lozenges sprinkled with sugar and leave them in the kitchen next to a sticker with your signature saying, “This is the only food my child seems to want me to eat.”

7 . Team spirit

Announce your pregnancy by writing a note to your peers informing them that a new member will join them soon. Set your child's expected due date as the date the new member starts working on the team and see who understands what this means first - we see that your peers who have children will be the first to realize this.

8 . Advertise your pregnancy in your clothes

If your job requires you to wear a specific outfit, swap out the plain color with a color that has a child on it. And let the news of your pregnancy so that your peers ask you about the secret of the new color. 

9 . to where?

Coworkers love to talk about upcoming vacation plans, so during the next travel chat, tell them that you are looking for ideas for "kid-friendly" places. In addition to travel advice, you will definitely get lots of blessings and congratulations.

But the predominant feature of the work environment may be seriousness and strictness, so before you choose one of these pregnancy announcement ideas, you must know your work environment to choose the most appropriate way to announce your pregnancy.