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Announcing pregnancy: Tell your partner


Announcing pregnancy: Tell your partner

Announcing pregnancy: Tell your partner

Contents of the article

  • 1. End of day surprise
  • 2. Use the workers in the kitchen
  • 3. Open the gift
  • 4. The sound of music
  • 5. Let your food do the job
  • 6. Announce your pregnancy with cookies
  • 7. Get the children involved in the task
  • 8. A surprise gift
  • 9. Give your message in stages


It's hard to hide the joy of knowing you are pregnant - whether it's your first pregnancy or your fifth pregnancy. ' Instead of rushing to tell your partner about your pregnancy, choose one of these 9 gentle ways to tell him he's going to be a father.

1 . End of day surprise

When you fall asleep on the day you confirmed your pregnancy, go to bed next to your husband and tell him, "Sleep well, father!" And smile brightly.

2 . Hire the kitchen staff

Book dinner in a nice restaurant and have the kitchen staff write the word "congratulations" on a chocolate or fruit treat on your husband's dessert plate. If you're trying to conceive, he'll quickly know what this message means, but if that baby is a pleasant surprise, you can hold him back until he hits his guess.

3 . Open the gift

Put a red ribbon on your waist as a gift for your husband for breakfast. Ask him to open the gift, and on the inside of the tape he will find the words "I am pregnant."

4 . sound of Music

Arrange a group of songs with the word "child". Press the power button and turn the volume up on a weekend while you and your partner are relaxing at home. Find out how long it takes to know what's meant!

5 . Let your food do the job

Leave your traditional weekly dinner menu, and instead prepare your husband a delicious meal of feathers, potatoes, corn and carrots.

6 . Announce your pregnancy with cookies

Bake him a cake and write "I'm Pregnant" on it. Place it in front of him carelessly after dinner, and watch his reaction.

7 . Get the kids involved

Decorate your big kid's shirt with fabric crayons and write "Big Brother" on the front. Dress your older child and ask him to go to his dad (or wait for him to come home). Hear from an adjacent room to know your husband's reaction, and prepare for his joy when he finds you.

8 . Surprise gift

If you do not mind attending your first appointment at the doctor and undergoing an ultrasound examination on your own, then surprise your husband by wrapping the examination pictures in the form of a small gift and presenting them to him on an appointment with him.

9 . Deliver the message in stages

Tell your husband's parents and ask them to reveal this secret during a casual conversation. Your husband may be surprised at first — because of happiness and stress — but receiving this news from his loved ones will make it a wonderful moment that he will never forget.

Enjoy the joy at the moment you choose to announce that you are pregnant with your husband - this is the beginning of a beautiful journey that you will take together!