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The real reason for swollen feet during pregnancy .. What can you do about it


The real reason for swollen feet during pregnancy .. What can you do about it?


The real reason for swollen feet during pregnancy .. What can you do about it

Pregnancy is a beautiful time, it feels great when a person grows inside of you, your skin lights up during pregnancy, your hair grows thickly and stops falling out, but there is also a torrent of unpleasant side effects, from bleeding gums to indigestion, and you have to urinate every ten minutes! But perhaps the worst is swollen feet with all the extra weight you carry. But why do women's feet swell during pregnancy? Let us let you know the reason and how it can relieve swelling and swelling, and when you should be concerned and see the doctor?


Fluid retention and hormonal imbalance

According to Healthline , swollen feet can occur as early as the fifth month of pregnancy, especially if the weather is hot outside or if you have to stand on your feet a lot. But a pregnant woman will likely experience swollen feet at some point in pregnancy, often in the third trimester. Keep in mind that during pregnancy, your blood volume increases by half. Because of hormones, you are more likely to retain fluid inside you. Therefore, your hands may seem like they belong to someone else! Yes, it is also due to swelling. You may also feel that your shoes are always warm in the last months of pregnancy.

The good news is that you can adjust certain habits in your lifestyle to reduce the possibility of swelling, although it is not possible to guarantee that your limbs will not swell at all during pregnancy.

How to reduce foot swelling during pregnancy

Drink lots of water: Drink a lot of fluids, you must have heard your doctor remind you over and over to drink water. Well, if you want to reduce foot swelling, you should heed this advice, because if you are dehydrated, your body will likely retain water as well.

Avoid caffeine: While occasional caffeine during pregnancy is not harmful, drinking too much caffeine is not considered good for the baby and can make swelling worse,

 The real reason for swollen feet during pregnancy .. What can you do about it

Caffeine is a diuretic, which causes you to urinate more, making your body think it needs to retain fluids. Try decaffeinated coffee with milk or an herbal tea like mint to help give you a little more energy instead.

Avoid standing for periods: According to Kids Health , it is also best to stay away from standing on your feet for long periods as well, to avoid swelling of the ankles and feet. Remember, this is your chance to sit down and raise your feet before your baby's needs come first!

Reduce salt: Another important tip is to reduce your sodium or salt intake, which causes your body to retain excess water. So try to avoid canned or processed foods, as they are particularly rich in sodium. Also try not to put too much table salt in your food.

Using salty herbs like rosemary, thyme, and oregano is an easy way to add flavor to your recipes without using salt!

 The real reason for swollen feet during pregnancy .. What can you do about it

Some caveats

Swelling is normal, but there are some warning signs to watch out for that could indicate a very serious pregnancy condition called preeclampsia. According to Preeclampsia.org , sudden swelling especially in the face and hands is a reason to call your doctor right away. And if you notice a change in the color of your feet, this is also a possible warning sign.

It is also important to know the warning signs of deep vein thrombosis or deep vein thrombosis, which is a clot in the leg that is more common during pregnancy. The symptoms of DVT are swelling in only one leg, accompanied by pain, heat, and redness. Seek immediate medical attention if you notice these symptoms.