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3 points lead Juventus to Porto in the Champions League

3 points lead Juventus to Porto in the Champions League
 3 points lead Juventus to Porto in the Champions League

" My future is linked to the Porto match? If I think so, I will not be here, I know that it is an important match, but I focus on each game alone. " Andrea Pirlo, in response to his future with Juventus, if the Bianconeri left the Champions League.

Juventus' season will be at stake, tonight, when they meet Porto in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16.

The Italian Super Champion and Italian Cup final qualifier, who is still a contender for the Italian League title, is only thinking of getting away in the Champions League, and avoiding previous disappointments.

Juventus collides with the anxiety of the early exit for the third season in a row, and moving away again from the same ears, which is the most prominent goal of the old lady in recent years.

Pirlo, who was "destined for this position," according to Fabio Parachetti, Juventus' sporting director, recently circulated reports and rumors about his departure from the club, but the management every time showed their adherence to him.

It is clear, according to Pirlo's statements at the press conference last night, that his seat is not linked to losing the qualifying card or not, but it increases the pressure on the shoulders of the former Italian midfielder.

Pirlo needs " a very technical and tactical match against Porto, " he said at the press conference on Monday.

Cristiano Ronaldo

When Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus, the old woman's first goal was to win the Champions League title after losing the 2015 and 2017 finals to Barcelona and Real Madrid, respectively.

The Portuguese joined in a record deal. In his first season, he lost in the first quarter-finals to Ajax and then to Lyon in the final price, and both were the black horse of the competition.

Pirlo puts his hopes on the Portuguese in front of his countrymen to lead Juventus to the quarter-finals, as he said in the press conference: " These are his matches and he has always proven that .

Ronaldo does not disappoint when he is needed in the Champions League, whether with Real Madrid or Juventus in the knockout stages.

Previously, he scored against Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg and Atletico Madrid hat-trick by leading his team to qualify and then claim the title.

With Massimiliano Allegri, he scored another hat-trick in the second leg to reverse Juventus' delay in the first leg of the 2018-19 final, from 2-0 to a 3-0 victory in front of Atletico Madrid.

The Portuguese got a break in front of Lazio and participated as a substitute in the last 20 minutes, and he did not make much effort that Juventus had ended the confrontation before participating in a 3-1 victory.

Ronaldo will need to come back and hit Porto since his iconic goal against Hilton in the second leg of the 2008-09 quarter-finals, which led the Red Devils to the golden box at the time.


The Portuguese Dragon will face the midfield struggle, and Juventus have regained the Latin duo, Brazilian Artur and Colombian Juan Cuadrado, to represent a very strong addition to Pirlo's squad.

The return of the Colombian winger adds a lot of strength at the level of the right side for Juventus and more options for Andrea Pirlo in the plan that will go into the meeting.

Cuadrado now plays as a right-back in the back four, or as an advanced back in the 3-5-2 formation, and Danilo plays as a third defender, which allows the Colombian to increase offensively with more defense insurance.

Cuadrado created 10 goals this season - the most among Juventus players in the League and the Champions League - and a quick and magical solution for Pirlo, offensive as well as defensively, in changing the team's form.

Artur's return also comes in a timely manner to neighboring Adrien Rabiot, to compensate for the Uruguayan Rodrigio Bentancourt's infection with the Corona virus.

The average Brazilian field average is the player with the most accurate passing in Juventus in the Italian league with 94.2% and the second behind goalkeeper Cesini with 92% accuracy in the Champions League.

An important solution for Juventus in the issue of rotating the ball and has recently begun to enter the team’s atmosphere. According to the Italian newspaper "Tuttosport", "The club preferred not to undergo knee surgery and Artur continues to go through physical therapy sessions to recover from his injury, amid hopes from the club that he will return against Porto." In the second leg of the 16th round. "

The former Barcelona player may be a key element in the midfield battle in light of his passing capabilities, which is what Juventus suffered in the first leg against Porto.

He participated in the Lazio match for 20 minutes as an alternative, which may open the door to his return to the Portuguese team today.

Chiesa and Morata

Speaking of Alvaro Morata, Pirlo explained at the press conference: "He continues to improve and always tries to find the best solutions and loves to study opponents and this is very good for a player like him ."

Morata every time he participates, Pirlo's decision to join him is validated.

Massimiliano Allegri once praised the Spaniard, saying, " The only striker in the world now who can match any tactical system, any role, can be a partner to any teammate up front. Wherever you put him, he does the job and makes those around him play better ."

He scored two goals and set up a goal against Lazio within 70 minutes. Before that, he scored against Spezia and is the second goal scorer behind Ronaldo with 16 goals.

He recovered from the viral infection and became the best choice for next to Ronaldo in the meeting, Morata tends to play the role of the second striker, who opens up spaces for the Portuguese and then creates goals.

A brace is the best in Juventus' attack, as the Portuguese scored 4 goals in the Italian league this season, even with a double Aaron Ramsey and Ronaldo as well.

On the other hand, Chiesa presents his second best season in football, after the 2018-19 and 2019-2020 seasons, when he scored 12 goals in the League and the National Cup with a Fiorentina shirt in both seasons.

This season, Chiesa scored 9 goals and the season is still in the middle of it and has other opportunities ahead of him, and his goal against Porto in the first leg is a golden goal because it increased Juventus' chances of qualifying without complication.

Even Sergio Conceicao refused to call his victory over Juventus in the round a complete victory due to the goal of the young Italian winger.

Chiesa this season is the joker for Andrea Pirlo if he plays in 5 different positions, as a right and left midfielder, right winger, left winger and striker.

Avoid going mistakes

In an analysis provided by Total Football Analysis prior to the first-leg match, the most prominent aspect of Porto was advanced pressure on the opponent's defenses. ( See from here )

Juventus did not have a chance to catch his breath in the first and then the second half, and he conceded two goals that were the fastest in the club's history in Europe in both halves.

* Porto pressure in the first seconds of the match resulted in the first goal

The Portuguese team relied on advanced pressure on the ball carrier and the closure of the ports on Juventus with the correct exit with the ball.

Then Porto knew how to close the passing ports in the 4-4-2 line and closed the door on Juventus to pass in the depth, and reduced the distances between his lines to prevent Juventus from exploiting the spaces between his lines.

This made the form of Juventus offensively weak, as its lines appeared divergent and the players overlapped in their roles.

Porto Juventus was prevented from completing the passes by the defense and almost raised its scoring tally if it was not for the recklessness in ending the attacks.

Bonucci return to lead the Juventus defense line gives the team an outlet in order to rely on his longitudinal and inter-passes, in the absence of Matthias de Ligt.

Pirlo at the press conference said: " There will be a little time and space to think, so we need technology and we have to be patient ."

90 minutes or more may wait for Pirlo in the face of Porto tonight, a match that will determine the shape of Pirlo's season in light of the opportunity to snatch the qualifying card.