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8 things your penis is trying to tell you about your health

8 things your penis is trying to tell you about your health

Has it ever occurred to you that the penis might be your guide to knowing your health? Read the next article to learn what your penis has about your health.

8 things your penis is trying to tell you about your health

The role of the penis is more than being an important part of the  male reproductive system, as it may also carry certain connotations that you should pay attention to at the appropriate time and know what it means specificallyAny change that occurs to the penis in terms of size, sensitivity, and erection may be an early indication of some health problems

What are the health problems and changes that may occur to the  penis?  How do you explain it?  

1-  Deflation in cold or hot weather

Usually, sperm production is best at temperatures that are slightly below normal body temperature, and a man may notice that his penis shrinks when he feels a little coldThis is mostly due to the fact that the blood vessels in the penis have a significant decrease in blood levels, but things return to their normal state when the body warms up and the blood returns to flow normally.

Also, a temperature increase of 2-4 degrees above the normal body temperature may negatively affect sperm production and the secretion of testosterone.


It is preferred to follow the following things:

·         Keeping the intimate area warm by avoiding tight pants.

·         In hot and humid places (such as a sauna), it is preferable for a man not to sit for a long time there, especially if he is trying to conceive.

2-  The problem of "congestion of the prostate"-

The problem of "congestion of the prostate" or the so-called blue balls during sexual intercourse, is a known medical problem, and the man is exposed to it, especially when the erection does not follow a sexual orgasm as usualOften, the reason for this is that the blood does not reach all parts of the genital area in an equal and balanced way, which increases the amount of blood trapped in the area, which cannot move or flow freely.

This causes the penis to become erect, and the testicles become congested, until the blood flow returns to its normal rate, and only here the penis and testicles return to normal size

3-  Alcohol and penis erection

Alcohol damage is not limited to the liver, but extends to the penis as well, as consuming alcohol in large quantities may hinder the erection processThis is due to the dehydration that affects the body in general when consuming alcohol, which reduces the amount of blood flowing and increases the amount of the hormone angiotensin, which is usually linked to problems with erectile dysfunction.

4-  Smoking and blood vessels in the penis

It is also known that smoking in general may cause hardening of the arteries, including those responsible for providing the penis with adequate blood flow during an erectionOtherwise, the chemicals in cigarettes may damage blood vessels, which may cause erectile dysfunction.

Smoking may also negatively affect the tissues of the penis, which may hinder the erection process.

5-  Decrease in penis sensitivity

Decreased sensitivity of the penis with age or decreased "feeling" of it is normal, but the frequency of loss of feeling can still be difficult to estimatePenis sensitivity is the man's ability to feel his penis and his ability to respond to external stimuli.

A man begins to lose feeling and sensitivity in the penis with age, as a result of low levels of testosterone in the body, and changes in some nerve and sensory receptors.

This condition begins with the man gradually reaching the age of 25 years, but the sharp decrease in the sensitivity of the penis appears especially in the age period between 65 - 75 years.

6-  Erections at unexpected times

When you feel an erection at an unexpected time or when you notice that you have a morning erection, this means that the penis is trying to keep fit, as the penis muscle must get enough oxygen through the flow of blood in sufficient quantities to itIf the penis does not get enough of a regular erection, this may cause a defect in the penis tissue.

7-  Vasectomy

Sometimes a man may resort to a surgical procedure known as vasectomy, to prevent the release of sperm when ejaculating, either to prevent pregnancy or for other medical reasons.

But this surgical procedure does not work overnight. Rather, the amount of sperm released upon ejaculation decreases gradually, and it takes 2-3 months for sperm release to completely stop when ejaculatingTherefore, until the doctor assures you that the semen has become devoid of spermbe sure to use the means of protection.

8-  The penis is hot for bacteria

The skin in the penis area is ideal for the growth, reproduction and accumulation of bacteria, but the amount of bacteria present depends greatly on whether or not a man underwent a circumcision during his childhood. Several studies have found that circumcision reduces the presence of bacteria in the penis area significantly.