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American Singer Lil Nas X Releases A Remake Of His Hit Song "Old Town Road", This Time In Collaboration With BTS's RM!


American Singer Lil Nas X Releases A Remake Of His Hit Song "Old Town Road", This Time In Collaboration With BTS's RM!

American Singer Lil Nas X Releases A Remake Of His Hit Song "Old Town Road", This Time In Collaboration With BTS's RM!

On July 24, American rapper Lil Nas X released a remix of his hit song "Old Town Road" on his official YouTube channelSurprisingly, its title was different and changed to "Seoul Town Road" in cooperation with BTS's RMARMY also learned that the violet horse in the cover song is voicing BTS!

According to his brand, Lil Nas X rides a horse alone on the cover of the EP 7. The open secret is that the 20-year-old isn't a lot of a cowboy. Its small catalog is a lot more versatile, veering across the Fiona Apple reference and Sega Sample. Country is a small part of his business, but still stands out thanks to his "Old Town Road," a ranger who takes Billboard's Hot Country Songs only to the top of the Hot 100 chart. Country rap song became a pop in 2019 - which wasn't Definitely the year of a country rap song until Billy Ray Cyrus pinned it - by its very nature it was causing it to turn into something of a modern business. At 7, Lil Nas X will be wearing a cowboy hat, but he wants you to know he's about other things too.

7 is the latest entry in the saga of Atlantis being diversified towards it. The past decade has brought us Andre 3000's Over-lulgent The Love Below. His offspring, Raury, and his acoustic guitar caught the buzz for a short while before fading away. Today, the approach of the Outer Fund has become an increasingly unimpressive ambition: styles intersect naturally in the post-regional era on the Internet. Even with the shortcomings, at least you feel the true meaning of Andre 3000 and Rory's spirit behind their efforts. With 7, there's very little conviction to see if the complete project is something Lil Nas X wants to do. At best, there is a bunch of ill-considered songs. At worst, it leaves you wondering why anyone would be interested in the state's Blink-182 syringe injection in the first place.

"F9mily (You & Me)" immediately pops up as a low point - and not just because the punk pop actually had a moment in the sun. The weak Lil Nas X tone doesn't ooze out. He really does not seem convinced that this species needs to be reconsidered. He plays the no-nonsense guitar another experience on "bring down," which does nothing more than say, "I've also heard Nirvana. It's a good band." But the most compelling thing about 7 isn't its failing versatility. "Rodeo" is the closest iteration of "Old Town Road" and the main star is forgotten as Cardi B gathers more charisma on autopilot ("Last n - Is my dirty, dirty / like a bathroom in a truck stop, truck stop"), Killing Lil Nas X on Ye-haw's agenda.

The specific nature of "Old Town Road" does not extend to the words of Lil Nas X, who feels like a wide-ranging fit for any young rapper we'd gladly be here. The autobiography partly "Kick It" wastes an acceptable negative rhythm. He mentioned the Billboard controversy ("See you on TV, he heard Billboard took your place on the chart") enthusiastically from someone A&R walked into their booth with a checklist of topics to mention. It's not the star's business, but rather a shy star, which happens when you disguise yourself with a large number of memes. This does not cut it for about 20 minutes. Reeve's guitar is not a vision of the world.


Lil Nas X released several versions of the song “Old Town Road” in collaboration with various artists such as Billy Cyrus, Diplo, Young Thug and Mason.

Monteiro Lamar Hill ( in English : Lil 's the X Nas a ) (born April 9, 1999), known professionally by night oozing X , is Raper, Magna, and songwriter American. He reached overwhelming international fame in 2019 with his country rap song "Old Town Road", which ranked first on the American Hot 100 Billboard for nineteen weeks, the longest period in the history of the US record ranking.

On June 30, 2019, Lil Nas X declared himself gay , making him the only artist to have done this while he has a number one song.