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Delayed ejaculation in men

Delayed ejaculation in men

Delaying ejaculation in men and treating premature ejaculation should be tailored individually for each person, it is recommended to seek treatment as soon as possible, and the good news is that there are effective treatments.

Premature ejaculation is the most common disorder in men, characterized by ejaculation that occurs almost always or almost always within a minute of vaginal penetration and is present from the first sexual experience or acquired.

Definition of premature ejaculation in men

According to the American Psychiatric Association, premature ejaculation in men is:

1.       Sexual activity that includes ejaculation is repeated within a minute after penetration into the vagina, which occurs before the moment the man wanted.

2.       The problem persists for at least six months, and occurs in all or nearly all sexual activities (75-100%).

3.       Distress that leads to great distress.

4.       Disturbance that does not occur due to marital distress or tension and is not caused by taking medications or other medical disorders.

The psychological effect of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation has negative consequences such as anxiety , distress and despair, to the point of abstaining from sex, as many men feel low confidence, shyness, extreme frustration, feeling inferior, feeling failure and shame.

This can lead to performance anxiety, fear of failure and consequently impotence due  to a psychological background, and sometimes men refrain from going to a sex therapist to avoid embarrassing questions.

The effect is not limited to men only, but many women also complain of decreased pleasure, desire, sexual arousal and the inability to achieve orgasm.

All this frustration and anger often causes quarrels, avoiding sexual intercourse and contemplating divorce.

Ways to delay ejaculation

Here are the most important methods used to treat premature ejaculation:

1-  Change of thinking

Thinking about something else during sex is a successful way to delay and treat premature ejaculationA high percentage of men reported that thinking about something else during penetration slows down the frequency of their ejaculation.

Some of the men reported that they were thinking: wars, the tragedies of society, the football game for the team they support, a difficult test that they will take soon, the boss, what will happen after the sexual relationship.

This method is based on a lack of focus on the pleasure of sexual intercourse with the partner, but sometimes a shift in thinking harms the  sense of orgasm that  occurs during the penetration process and a lack of sexual contact with the partner.

2-  Change the process or method

During the process, when you feel the climax is approaching, stop the methods that arouse you and start working in the other direction, that is , the indulgence and pleasure of the partner .

Slowly, the climax decreases, and after a few minutes you can enjoy the action again and this time you can hold on for a longer time.

3 - Change of position

During lovemaking with your partner, when you feel you are approaching ejaculation, stop entering this positionexit from the partner and change position.

Changing position reduces the urge to close ejaculation and lengthens the time you have sexual function

4 - Distinguish the point of no return

This technique of delaying ejaculation for men, you must learnFor this, you are required to train personally with yourself to distinguish the point of "no turning backthrough masturbation.

You can think of a scale from 1-10 from the moment of sexual arousal to ejaculation: Point 10 is the point of termination and ejaculation, Point 9 is the point of no return at which you cannot stop the ejaculation.

Training on this technique is carried out in stages, and this technique has a success rate of between 60-90 percent.

In order to delay ejaculation:

  • Try to define Point 8 with your body - the point before the point of no turning back.
  • Consciously masturbating, paying attention to what is happening to your body, and the sensations you experience in every moment.
  • To delve deeper into yourself, try to determine the sensation that occurs at one point before the point of no return, it is possible that you do not realize this point the first times, and this is normal.
  • If you reach the point of ejaculation, do not try to stop it, because this matter harms the proper function of the organ.
  • When you reach point 8, stop masturbating, do not touch the sexual organ, close your eyes, feel a reduced orgasm in the body, give your penis time without touching.

Little by little, the body learns to be sensitive and aware of the moment before ejaculation, and so you can control it.

Warning: The learning exercise should be practiced only once a day, and should not be carried out for more than three weeks.

6-  Previous secret habit 

March masturbation and ended the relationship without sex, tried before to be sexual contact of that exercise  sex  and endThe second time, it takes more time to finish compared to the first time.

Masturbate on the same day at the time before sex, or you both agree that you end first and then start the pre-sex games, which increases your arousal again and the erection of the member again.

Warning: if you lose all your energy with the first ejaculation and feel exhausted - this technique is not suitable for you!

-  A man on the ground

 During the establishment of  the sexual relationship and  penetration, the lowering of one man on the ground, the feeling of cold resulting from contact with the ground, leads to:

  • Man focus (change direction of thinking).
  • It also slows ejaculation at the same time, and this does not affect sexual contact with the partner.

10-  Exercise the muscles of sex

Stopping penetration during sexual intercourse, remaining motionless inside the partner and tightening the muscles of the sex, i.e. the penis and the muscles of the anus, in the body so that it leads to delaying ejaculation and stopping the semen.

Strengthening the muscles of the penis also helps to achieve a stronger and more stable erection, and when urinating, the flow of urine must be stopped by tightening the muscles of the penis.

When a man tightens his muscles, the flow stops and then releases his muscles and the flow returns, the exercise should be performed only once a day, stopping urination should be performed 20 times - tension, release, tension release and so on.

During this process of urination, it is possible for the muscle itself to be relaxed at first and there is a possibility that it will not succeed in thisHowever, over time the muscle becomes able to contract and stops the flow of urine completely.

After 30 days, you should stop the daily exercise.

11-  Breathing 

When you recognize the approaching point of no return, change your pace to a slower, self-conscious, deeper and longer pace.

When ejaculation is approaching during the exercise of love, be aware that the pace of the psyche rises greatly, and the body accelerates its arrival to  orgasm and  ejaculationChanging to a slower, perceptive, and deeper pace definitely delays ejaculation.

12 - Pressure

Pressing the fingers on the sexual organ in several basic areas helps to delay the ejaculation process. The compressions should be performed by the fingertips in a deliberate manner, not as pinches or painful fists:

  • The first zone : the head of the penis, you must press with two fingers in a steady way in front and behind the crown, these pressures reduce the intense desire to ejaculate.
  • The second zone : When the penis ends and the testicles begin , constant incubating pressure for several seconds in this area helps delay ejaculation.
  • The third area : Under the testicles there is a soft and sensitive area to touch. Constant pressure on this area with the finger for several seconds delays the proximal ejaculation process

 13- The back ring

Using a ring that creates pressure on the base of the sexual organ and leads to delayed ejaculation. You can get this ring from the pharmacy or buy it through reliable websites.

The ring can be normal or vibration, in order to increase the orgasm of the man and the womanor to delay your ejaculation.

 14 - The condom

Many men reported that the condom helps them a lot in treating premature ejaculation, as the condom reduces the feeling of the penetration process, and thus ejaculation is delayed

 Medication to delay ejaculation in men

Medicinal and therapeutic solutions can also be used to delay ejaculation, and these include:

1.      Drug treatment is carried out on a daily basis or only before sexual activity, as the patients' satisfaction with these treatments is high. 

2.      Antidepressants contain substances that act on the synapses in the brain, so one of their effects is to delay ejaculation, and with medical precautions, they are given in a low dose and under medical supervision.

3.      Local anesthesia of the penis with anesthetics 15-20 minutes before sexual intercourse, delay ejaculation by at least 6 times.

4.      There is also a gel (gel) that contains narcotic compounds that is applied to the tip of the penis. The gel causes a loss of feeling at the tip of the penis upon penetration and thus delays the ejaculation process.

5.      Tramadol  - a pain reliever, which side effects are exploited, to delay ejaculation.