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Erectile dysfunction ... its causes and how to overcome it

Erectile dysfunction ... its causes and how to overcome it
 Erectile dysfunction ... its causes and how to overcome it

The sexual process is achieved when both parties reach the stage of enjoyment and orgasm, and this depends to a large extent on the ability of the penis to have an erection, but there are about 150 million men in the world suffering from erection problems. What are the reasons? Can it be treated?

 DW : Professor Harth, when do we talk about erectile dysfunction?

Professor Wolfgang Harth: Erectile dysfunction or impotence can be spoken of when 70 percent of attempts at sexual intercourse, for more than six months, fail. This means that the male penis is not hard enough to complete sexual intercourse.

What are the causes of this impotence?

There are various reasons, including for a large group of men aging, as erectile dysfunction increases by one percent every year. Also, some diseases also lead to impotence, for example, diabetes, vascular disease, nervous disorders, depression and kidney disease. In addition, some medications, such as antidepressants and medications that help increase urination, also cause erectile dysfunction. And do not forget other factors that increase the severity of sexual dysfunction, such as smoking, alcohol, drugs or lack of exercise.

Who is the group most severely affected by erectile dysfunction?

The main problem is the high psychological pressure on people with ED. And people up to the age of 35 can be affected psychologically by erectile dysfunction. The group most affected by impotence are people between the ages of 60 and 69 years.

Could erectile dysfunction be a symptom of other diseases?

Erectile dysfunction is a precursor to heart disease, followed by chest pain or trouble breathing. And erectile dysfunction is the result of hardening of the arteries that supply blood to the penis through the blood vessels. In many cases, after a year or two following ED, a heart attack.

Could this be caused by a deficiency in a certain hormone?

Erectile dysfunction is likely caused by a man's lack of desire to age and reach menopause. And if a person with ED visited a urologist, the latter would first examine the urinary tract instead of measuring testosterone levels in the blood. Although there is no study proving that erectile dysfunction is related to the level of the hormone testosterone, which helps enlarge the penis, the decline in testosterone can contribute to impotence.

What about psychological causes?

There is a type of man who loses hope of reaching an orgasm, upon the conclusion of the sexual process, and especially when he is under stress. For example, when a man's thoughts, instead of enjoying sex, are busy all the time asking a question: Am I going to have an orgasm? Most of the time, when thoughts are pouring in a desperate direction, the fate of reaching an orgasm is a failure. A person's self and body satisfaction and lack of imperfection also play a major role in preventing erectile dysfunction. And since sex is the ultimate stage of enjoyment and orgasm, a man's fear of his partner's pregnancy and thinking all the time about that can also lead to failure of intercourse.

How can erection problems be treated?

First, we must work on changing the lifestyle. To improve blood circulation, obesity must be combated by following a healthy diet, exercising and quitting smoking. Then there are some medications that can be used, such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, which are used to treat erectile dysfunction. And these drugs, when sexual arousal, dilate the arteries of the penis and thus more blood flow to it. There are also penis injections and pumps or rings that can be used to stimulate an erection. And for those who are stranded and none of the methods we mentioned help him, he must undergo surgery and implant a device that can make the penis erect. Noting that talking and discussing with a partner about sexual problems would also ease the trouble of the sufferer of erectile dysfunction.

What should be considered when using sexual enhancement drugs?

These drugs can have side effects, especially headache and redness of the face. And everyone who wants to use these drugs must visit a doctor first and not purchase drugs that improve sexual ability from Internet stores. Also, visiting the doctor enables you to benefit from the medical examination and diagnosis of any organic disorders.