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Erectile dysfunction treatment

Erectile dysfunction treatment

The goal of surgery for treating impotence :

The penis consists of a single channel for both semen and urine, and three cells distributed by hard, fibrous walls filled with erectile tissue. If a suitable stimulus is present, the blood cells coming from these cells contract and are trapped inside them. This leads to high blood pressure and increases the hardness of cells, which leads to the occurrence of an erection hard enough for sex. Another trigger that causes ejaculation is by which semen is withdrawn from the vas deferens. If this system fails, the patient may become impotence or impotence. Sexual dysfunction may result from many causes, including diabetes , suffered spinal injury, addiction to drugsIt may be the result of a prostatectomy. If the impotence is permanent, then treatment is required and a prosthetic penis implant may be taken into account. Patients who suffer from impotence on the background of a psychological problem are not considered candidates for a penile implant procedure.

Diagnosis / preparation:

When treating impotence with surgery, the doctor must inform the patient of the risks of surgery. The husband and wife must also be present during the surgery decisions. Before surgery, the surgical area must be sterilized with an antibacterial substance, and the hair in this area must be shaved.

Risks of surgery:

Each transplant is associated with a greater risk of infection than any regular surgery. The implant may irritate the penis and cause persistent pain. Also, this part of the prosthesis, which is swollen, needs to undergo surgery afterwards in order to treat the flow of semen from its store or in order to connect the seminal tube again.

Treatment after surgery:

In order to reduce the swelling that appears after this treatment, the penis is surrounded by an ice pack for 24 hours after the end of the surgery. Also, the surgical area is cleaned several times a day to prevent infection. The doctor is expected to prescribe painkillers to the patient.