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How to strengthen an erection: ways to improve men's sexual ability


How to strengthen an erection: ways to improve men's sexual ability

How to strengthen an erection: ways to improve men's sexual ability

Are you busy searching for the best ways to strengthen your erection, whether with medicinal herbs, following diets, or even taking some drugs and sexual stimulants?

You're not aloneWays and recipes for improving a man’s sexual life are one of the most important topics in men's lives, so many myths revolve around them, and there are tried and tested methods and scientific facts that cannot be doubted.

 And because the methods and methods of strengthening the erection of the penis in men are important and sensitive matters, we will address the most important facts about them in the following lines.

How can an erection be strengthened?

The methods of strengthening the erection vary according to the reasons for its weakness , and in all cases it cannot be strengthened in the case of impotence or pathological conditions without resorting to a specialist to avoid the exacerbation of the disease or its symptoms.

The following are the most important methods of improving or strengthening erection used:

  • Drug treatment:

Whether therapeutically or to improve erection, a doctor can prescribe drugs that stimulate blood flow to the penis, such as alprostadil, avanafil, sildenafil, and co-tadelafil.

  • natural herbs:

Some herbs help to improve sexual ability in men, but they are not considered a cure for a patient with impotence, and these herbs include ginseng, yohimbe and asparagus.

  • Psychotherapy:

Doctors can use medical approaches to treat stress, anxiety and stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and other mental illnesses that affect penis erection.

A lifestyle to improve sexual ability

  • Exercising and strengthening erection exercises regularly

Exercising regularly is one of the effective things that help to strengthen the erection, especially pelvic floor exercises that strengthen the muscles of the penis, which increases the intensity of the erection, in addition to that some specialized exercises increase the health of blood vessels and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis .

  • Quit smoking and alcohol

Excessive smoking helps narrow the arteries and causes problems in the blood vessels, so it must be stopped if there is an erection problem.

Also, abstaining from alcohol preserves the nervous system, which directly affects the erection, in which the nervous system plays an essential role.

  • Maintaining body mass

Be careful not to have excess fat in the body mass because it works to convert the hormone testosterone into estrogen, which weakens the strength of the erection.

  • Eat blueberries

Blueberries contain an important substance, anthocyanin, which works as an antioxidant in the body, and works to reduce levels of nitric oxide antioxidants, which contributes to strong blood flow to the penis and increases the strength of the erection.

  • Managing nervous stress

It is necessary to take breaks from work, and think about crises and problems, before having sex, because this nervous stress destroys the chances of an erection, as the nervous system contributes directly to increasing the rate of erection, so it must be preserved and the mind cleared to get a strong erection.

Is penis length related to erectile strength?

 It is false information that the size of the penis is related to the strength of the erection or the quality of the intimate relationship, but the truth is that sexual ability is not related to the length or size of the penis mainly, and here are some important facts about penis size:

  • The normal length of an erect penis ranges from 12.7 to 15.24 cm
  • The normal circumference of an erect penis ranges from 10.16 to 12.7 cm.

is a short penis if the length of the adult men less than 7.62 cm during erection.

  • The anxiety caused by excessive attention to penis length leads to psychological disorders called "penis dysmorphic disorders".

Penis lengthening myths

There are many myths and commercial advertisements that fall under the clause of fraud regarding ways to lengthen the penis, some of which may cause serious damage in relation to sexual ability or even fertility rate, and among the most prominent of these myths and wrong methods:

  • Medicines and ointments:

Some commercials sell illusions to consumers, taking advantage of their desire to improve their sexual ability, including the advertisement of drugs and ointments, which mostly consist of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and hormones, which destroys the claims of companies producing these illusions about their ability to lengthen the penis or increase erection.

These drugs and ointments are very expensive despite their ineffectiveness or feasibility that has not been proven scientifically or practically, as scientists at the University of Maryland in America were able to analyze one of these drugs to find traces of lead, pesticides, and E.coli bacteria.

  • Penis pump:

It is a cylinder that is placed on the penis, and pressure on it, as the absorption of air around the penis creates a negative pressure that stimulates erection and pushes additional amounts of blood inside it, making it appear larger.

However, using it repeatedly and for more than half an hour can cause tissue damage, although this device has not been shown to increase the length or size of the penis.

  • Stretching devices for penis:

The traction device consists of a frame that surrounds the penis and attaches a weight to it in order to pull and extend the penis while it is loose, which can affect the tissues of the penis if it is used in a wrong way.

The difficulty of this matter is that the device must be used daily for at least months under medical supervision so that the results are not counterproductive, and no scientific experiments have proven the feasibility of this method.

  • Penis stretching exercises:

Penis stretching exercises aim to increase the ability of the erectile tissues in the penis to absorb more blood, but this method has not been proven effective or effective in strengthening an erection.

And warm water or a warm cloth is placed on the penis for 5 minutes before exercise, with baby oil or Vaseline as a moisturizer to prevent damage to the skin of the penis.

Then the index and thumb fingers are used in the form of a ring around the base of the penis, with light pressure by this ring, and moving this ring towards the head of the penis, to increase the amount of blood reaching the head of the penis, for a period of no more than 10 minutes.

  • Penis lengthening surgeries

Some believe that surgical intervention sometimes helps to lengthen the penis, but the American Urological Association settled the controversy and confirmed that these surgeries are useless and unsafe, with major side effects such as transmission of infection, erectile dysfunction, and the formation of scars, which makes the penis shorter than it was, It may also result in an unevenness of the penis, dentation or protrusions.

  • Magnetic devices for erectile dysfunction:

Many ads for penis enlargement products claim to do magic, among them electrical and magnetic devices that are advertised to increase penis length and stimulate an erection, which is not true at all.

Studies conducted on those who used such devices for the purpose of strengthening the erection process prove that they are not safe and are not effective at all.