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Impotence in men: causes and treatment


Impotence in men: causes and treatment

Impotence in men: causes and treatment

The sex market is witnessing a continuous growth in France, due to the interest of the French in their sexual life and the preservation of its vitality. However, in recent years many diseases related to sexuality have appeared, perhaps the most common of which is impotence in men. What is impotence, its causes and how can we treat it?

What is impotence in men?

Impotence, according to sexologist Dr. Kamal Jarad, is the inability to have a full sexual relationship at any stage of sexual behavior due to the absence of sexual desire or the inability to have an erection.
As for the venereal disease specialist, the definition of impotence varies relatively. Dr. Fakhr El Din Obaid defined it according to the definition of the World Health Organization as the difficulty or inability to fully erect the penis, enough to have a full sexual relationship with the partner. Disability can occur accidentally, multiple times, or be permanent. There is no specific age for impotence in a man, as it can happen at the beginning of his sexual life in his youth, it can happen with advancing age, especially after the decade of fifty.

What are its causes?

The causes of impotence can be organic or psychological, and the psychological and organic factors can be combined in some cases

1 - Organic causes: It has many indications, which are
atherosclerosis: that affects addicts to smoking, people with high cholesterol in the blood and high blood pressure.


Hormonal imbalance: is the contraction of the hormone Altistatron rate when the man deficiency kidney: patients with renal insufficiency of the most vulnerable to sexual deficit diabetic patients face the problem by 3 to 4 times more than the average
private drugs: side effects of some drugs inability to have an erection when sexual intercourse
Nerve dysfunction: It is due to a concussion in the brain, a stroke in the brain, or in another case, touching the nerve of the erection during surgery
2 - Psychological reasons: the most important of which are
fear of the failure of the sexual relationship and its failure and fear of disappointment in the partner depression, and extreme shyness Exposure to severe psychological trauma or sexual violence in the past, the effects of which are still present on the person's psyche.

Sexual apathy and lack of lust between the parties due to routine or the appearance of a lover, which makes the desire for a partner impossible.
Other factors can also control a person's sexual ability, such as smoking, alcoholism, drug use, fatigue and exhaustion.

In addition to an important factor, which is age: where the sexual ability of a man decreases with his advanced age, as after the age of fifty he needs more time for foreplay that precedes the sexual process in order to obtain an erection capable of completing the sexual relationship.

What is the treatment for impotence?

Treatment methods differ according to the diagnosis of the causes of impotence in each person. If the cause of impotence is organic, then treatment is provided by a venereologist, and if it is psychological, then treatment is the specialty of a psychiatrist or a sex specialist.

1- The role of a venereal disease specialist:

If the doctor makes sure that the state of disability is mainly organic, and the patient lives in return for a stable marital and psychological life, then he begins to treat the organic problem, through drugs and sexual stimulants, which are sold in pharmacies and medical centers such as Viagra, and Levitra .. to reach as a last resort for a surgical operation during which an erection device is implanted. artificial.
On this, Dr. Fakhr El Din Obaid, a venereal disease specialist, says, "The treatment varies according to the cause of impotence. If it is a person over the age of fifty, then it is often due to a lack of testosterone hormones, and in this case the hormone is injected to the sick person, and if he is young, Viagra is prescribed to gain time and to The patient-partner relationship is not affected. "

It can also be resorted to using an ointment for the male sexual organ to help with erection, which does not have side effects such as medication, or the use of the steroid vaccine directly on it. In the event that these drugs fail, the organ is injected directly with steroids to erect during sexual intercourse.
In other stages, if the patient does not respond to these drugs, therapeutic devices such as "vacuum" are resorted to, which is a device that deflates the air in a mechanical way that helps draw blood into the penis and thus erection.
In a final stage, the doctor resorts to the surgery to implant an artificial erection device inside the penis, and there are two types, including: implantation of a silicone support inside the penis, which is the least aesthetic, and secondly, a pump can be implanted, which is a mechanism that is placed between the testicles in the scrotum.
Although these operations are expensive and may cost more than 5,000 euros, their success is not guaranteed and may cause bacterial infection, according to Dr. Fakhr El-Din Obaid.

2- The role of a psychiatrist or sexual specialist:

The sexual specialist can suggest to the patient various treatment methods, including simple advice or long-term psychological treatment sessions, or prescribe appropriate drugs, and the specialist can combine the two partners in psychological treatment sessions to research the psychological causes that may be the cause of the state of disability.

Dr. Georges Preval, a specialist in sex, emphasized that psychological factors and problems of modern society are among the most important causes of the phenomenon of impotence.

One of the most important methods that a psychiatrist or a sexual specialist relies on in treating impotence is to change the lifestyle of the spouses.
According to Doctor George Preval, contemporary society and its speed are a major factor in the emergence and exacerbation of these cases in recent years, and therefore a person must move away from social and family pressure and get used to taking plenty of time in his work and in his daily affairs and leaving time for his emotional and sexual life.

A person must also have self-confidence, even with the modern, dominant woman who always demands the satisfaction of her sexual desire.
The doctor also advises his patients to quit smoking and alcohol altogether

Misconceptions about sexual ability

Many people spread misconceptions about some foods that increase man's sexual ability. Where Dr. George Preval denied that there is a relationship between sexual ability and the consumption of certain foods (such as dry fruits, garlic, honey, fenugreek seeds ...).