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Methods of treating erectile dysfunction


Methods of treating erectile dysfunction

Methods of treating erectile dysfunction

Impotence is a problem that disturbs every man. Homeopathy, one of the methods of treating erectile dysfunction, suggests combining a healthy lifestyle with examining the cause of the problem.

Erectile dysfunction is defined as a state of dysfunction during sexual intercourse that is characterized by the inability to reach or maintain an erection to the penis. Impotence leads to the inability to satisfy sexual intercourse, and damage to the relationship between spouses. The problem of erectile dysfunction was considered a taboo throughout history and only in the twentieth century did it begin to be publicly discussed, with the invention of drug therapy that provides a specific solution to this phenomenon.

Impotence, the inability to achieve an erection sufficient for intercourse, the inability to maintain it throughout the period of sexual intercourse or the state of premature ejaculation, are among the unhappy symptoms of many men around the world. Feelings of competition among men, and watching the media, may be the reason why impotence is more dominant today than ever before.

Causes of erectile dysfunction :

1. Physiological problems in innervation (providing a part or organ with nerves - Innervation) from the nervous system.

2. The problem of blood supply.

3. Increasing the level of alcohol in the blood, using drugs or medicines.

4. A physiological problem in the penis, one such problem is Peyronie's syndrome. This syndrome occurs when a woman sits on a man during sexual intercourse and accidentally exits the penis during intercourse as a result of rupture of the tendons.

5. Excessive sexual activity or uncontrollable sexual desire that depletes sexual energy and ultimately leads to the problem of erectile dysfunction.

6. Persistent erection that does not stop and causes pain regardless of sex. The penis can stay in this position for hours and days.

7. Anxiety, fear, fear of poor sexual performance that can be expressed not only in the sexual sphere.

8. Heart disease, it is important to overcome shyness and to speed up comprehensive tests to rule out a problem in the heart or blood vessels.

9. A problem in the blood vessels: a blockage in the vein, a problem with the valve, or blood leakage from the vein. These phenomena occur in older men or in men with high cholesterol, who have diabetes, or who suffer from atherosclerosis.

10. Hormonal problems, hereditary diseases or thyroid disorders.

11. Arterial problems caused by high blood pressure, heart disease, medications, kidney failure or, smoking (read more about smoking and erectile dysfunction ).

12. Cases of poisoning such as poisoning with heavy metals, drugs, dyes, sprayed fruits and vegetables, or radiation from cell phones.

13. The sensory, mental and psychological state.

14. A problem in the nervous system, for those who have damage to the brain and spine, people who are exposed to stroke, Alzheimer's patients, Parkinson's, diabetes or cancer.

15. Bad relationship with the wife.

16. Fear of pregnancy, fear of losing the woman for the sake of the child, competition for the woman with the child, fear of losing a woman’s love and attention. In the absence of an erection, the woman should exert effort and help the man, thereby indirectly getting more attention.

17. Fear of a father’s job and economic responsibility, anger, jealousy and other problems in marital relationships or competition on a professional background.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a deeper secondary cause that worries men and not the problem itself, but rather a symptom that shows that there is disorder and imbalance. It is important to treat these signs just like any pain, discomfort or discomfort that occurs in other organs and not to ignore the problem and wait until the erectile dysfunction resolves on its own.

 The following must be done to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction:

  • Adapting a special diet.
  • Lack of some minerals and vitamins can also cause erectile dysfunction, so this must be balanced by taking nutritional supplements.
  • Multi-mineral formulas and B complex vitamins are recommended because they treat nervous system problems.
  • It is recommended to add physical activity to the daily program, such as: tai chi, chi kung, yoga, martial arts, swimming, light jogging, walking or cycling.
  • Quit Smoking.

As for the homeopathic remedies, it offers around 5,000 different items that are related to balancing the problems of erectile dysfunction. Every man is examined according to the different cause of his problem, according to his biography, work, age, standing, aspirations, traumas, emotional states and thoughts that take him out of balance, etc. The main issue examined in such treatment is the ability to control: Are I in control or not in control of myself, my body, my mind, my soul or my life path. When a man does not have the ability to control it is expressed through the penis and by the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Homeopathy believes that the problem begins in the soul and only later turns into a physical problem. If we notice that the phenomenon has persisted, then we should not delay and go to treat it from the beginning.