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Nocturnal erections : Nocturnal Penile Tumescence

 Nocturnal erections : Nocturnal Penile Tumescence

Nocturnal erections : Nocturnal Penile Tumescence

Page contents 

1.      What is nocturnal erection examination

2.      Warnings

3.      Examination results

4.      Analysis of the results


This test is intended to document nocturnal erections during sleep. In a man without any health problems, 4 to 6 erections occur during the night.

An erection is caused by blood flow to the spongy tissue of the male penis (penis). In order to check whether the penis really gets bigger during sleep , a special sleeve (such as a small sphygmomanometer) is placed on it, connected to a device that measures the tension that arises on both sides of the sleeve.

The sleeve is placed before bed and the measurement continues throughout the night. The machine graphically documents the number of erections, the duration of each erection, and the degree of change in the diameter and stiffness of the penis.

This test is recommended at least twice before diagnosing erectile dysfunction.


During pregnancy:

The test is not performed

Breast feeding:

The test is not performed

Children and infants

The test is not performed


There are no problems or special effects


There are no problems or special effects

Medicines that affect the test result

It is recommended to avoid medicines that may cause erectile dysfunction, but do not stop taking any of the established medicines without medical advice.

Examination results

In men

The right results:

4 - 6 erections per night.

In children

  Analysis of the results

In a man without ED, 4 to 6 erections occur during the night. This test is a primary screening tool for detecting impotence.

Proper testing eliminates a major medical problem and reduces the number of tests performed to diagnose ED.

When the results of the examination are not correct, the process of diagnosing the problem that damaged sexual function and / or the initiation of targeted therapy continues.