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Pregnant for the first time? Find out what to buy to make your months pregnant and newborn easier


Pregnant for the first time? Find out what to buy to make your months pregnant and newborn easier

It is advisable to replace soaps and grooming creams with fragrance-free ones if they cause nausea


Pregnant for the first time? Find out what to buy to make your months pregnant and newborn easier

The moment the spouses receive the news of pregnancy is one of the happiest moments of their lives, but once the size of the supplies and possessions that must be bought in preparation for the journey of pregnancy and childbirth and the reception of the new baby are realized, the spouses are likely to become panic and confused.

While there are a limited number of necessities that must be purchased in advance to ensure they are used when needed, many baby supplies can be obtained and cared for later along the course of the motherhood journey.

In the following report, we explain a list of the necessary supplies to facilitate the journey of a pregnant woman, in addition to the tools necessary to receive and care for the newborn during the first months.

Vitamins and nutritional supplements for pregnancy

Although it is possible to go through pregnancy without taking vitamins and nutritional supplements, doctors advise pregnant women to take some types of vitamin before childbirth, because it is difficult to obtain all the nutrition that a pregnant woman needs from food alone, in addition to losing many of the essential body elements due to Constant nausea in the first trimester, in addition to the need for the fetus that it gets from the elements in the mother's body.

 Pregnant for the first time? Find out what to buy to make your months pregnant and newborn easier

During pregnancy, your body will need vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium and folic acid, due to the role of these elements in preventing birth defects, birth defects and poor growth.

Morning sickness and gastrointestinal treatments

Always provide in your home large quantities of ginger candy or packets of ginger and lemon tea, in addition to salty biscuits and mint, because of the ability of these ingredients to alleviate the severity of morning sickness .

It is advisable to replace soaps and personal care creams with fragrance-free ones if they cause you to feel nauseous. In addition to washing clothes frequently to not make you feel sick, and make sure to use fragrance-free cleaning powders as well.

 Pregnant for the first time? Find out what to buy to make your months pregnant and newborn easier

In addition to morning sickness, digestive and stomach problems start in the first trimester of pregnancy, which are difficult to predict in advance, but it is always useful to buy a medicine or two after consulting a doctor to treat acidity, heartburn, indigestion and constipation, in preparation for the occurrence of such common problems in pregnancy.

Moisturizers and oils to protect against stretching

When the size of the abdomen begins to grow, the majority of women experience many skin changes, most notably dry skin, itching, and the appearance of red and white stretch marks in the abdomen and buttocks.

Women may also experience skin problems in general on the face, hands and feet. Therefore, it is important to purchase lotions of shea butter and argan oils that specialize in deep moisturizing to treat the dryness and stretching of the skin associated with pregnancy.

Even before these annoying symptoms appear, it is recommended to periodically apply moisturizing oils to the abdomen and the whole body after bathing to prevent their occurrence, or to control their development in the event that the woman actually suffers from them.

Most moisturizers do not require a prescription that are safe for pregnant women, but it is generally best to choose a natural moisturizer that is free of chemicals.

Rubber belt to support the back and abdomen

As the abdomen grows in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, it is common for women to experience pain in the back, joints, knees and abdomen. That is why many women feel comfortable after wearing a supportive belly band or belt that specializes in maternal and child supply stores .

These rubber bands help keep the pregnancy abdomen from drooping and provide back support to facilitate walking and movement.

 Pregnant for the first time? Find out what to buy to make your months pregnant and newborn easier

The abdominal support belts are usually used as soon as the abdomen becomes large and prominent, that is, at the end of the second trimester or the beginning of the last third. It is especially beneficial for pregnant women who want to remain active and mobile during their pregnancy, or who may be more susceptible to muscle injuries.

Many women continue to wear the back and abdomen support brace during the postpartum period, as it helps the body recover.

Pregnancy pillow to support the abdomen while you sleep

With an increase in stomach size and overall body size, many women struggle to find a comfortable position to sleep. Pregnant women are not advised to sleep on their backs, as they risk narrowing the vessels and arteries that supply blood to the baby.

With the impossibility of sleeping on the stomach of course, sleeping on the side is the only option available during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, but even that option carries a lot of discomfort if proper support is not provided to the body.

 Pregnant for the first time? Find out what to buy to make your months pregnant and newborn easier

The body pillow is one of the most famous and important possessions of a pregnant woman, and is in the form of a circular text or on the letter U, in order for the pregnant woman to enter the middle of it and make one of the ribs of the pillow as a support for carrying the weight of the abdomen.

The pillow also provides additional support for the hips, back and legs, making the lateral reclining position more comfortable. 

It can also be used to reduce pressure on the joints, as many women put a pillow rib between their legs to realign the hips joints and reduce pressure on them during sleep.

Books about pregnancy and a baby's first months

As the pregnancy progresses, each week will be different from the next, and your body and the body of your baby inside you will grow interestingly. But sometimes the whole thing can be confusing and stressful, and it is common to have a lot of questions about what is happening.

It can be a book of pregnancy good that contains dropped , especially photographs and drawings Todhristih- as a companion carrying reliable during pregnancy. In addition to explaining the fetus' development and the physical changes during pregnancy. These books help you prepare for your prenatal appointments, and will provide advice on what to expect during labor.

 Pregnant for the first time? Find out what to buy to make your months pregnant and newborn easier

Forbes magazine put together a list of the most important various pregnancy books in English, between those interested in the psychological and physical changes of women, the stages of child development and its requirements, or practical techniques for caring for the self and the child alike. Arabic translations are available for some of them on the market or on internet shopping sites .

What about the needs of the child in its first moments?

The contents of the maternity bag and the basic necessities of the baby should be prepared in advance in its first moments, to avoid confusion if the child decides to surprise his parents with a premature birth.

Pregnant for the first time? Find out what to buy to make your months pregnant and newborn easier

Among the most important requirements of the bag:

1- Two sets of clothes, one to wear after birth and the other to take home.

2- Socks, a hat and a cap to wrap the baby from natural fabric to prevent irritation on the baby's skin.

3- A comfortable baby blanket if the hospital will stay for more than one night.

4- A Pack of Newborn Baby Diapers / Small Size.

5- A package of wet and unscented baby wipes.

6- In the event of a decision to breastfeed him, some women may need breastfeeding pumps to facilitate the secretion of milk.

7- It is also recommended to buy nursing bras to facilitate the process for new mothers without the need to change clothes.