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Smoking and erectile dysfunction..a close and logical relationship!


Smoking and erectile dysfunction..a close and logical relationship!

Smoking and erectile dysfunction..a close and logical relationship!

Smoking is one of the main factors for the emergence of systemic vascular diseases, the damage of which leads to the problem of impotence. The relationship between smoking and erectile dysfunction..a close and logical relationship! Here is the following article:

 Research conducted in Finland and included thousands of smokers and non-smokers ages 50 and over, showed that there is a direct relationship between smoking and impotence.

Where the research found that smoking is one of the main factors for the emergence of vascular diseaseDamage to the vascular system is what leads to erectile dysfunction (ED), and thus we find that smoking leads to erectile dysfunction - impotenceHowever, it is possible that the link between cigarette smoking and ED is due to Atherosclerosis.

 Impaired sexual functioning is sometimes the only clinical sign of systemic vascular diseaseArguably, impotence (ED) is a possible indicator of silent vascular disease in smokers, who do not yet have other clear signs of this disease.

The mechanism or modus operandi by which smoking causes a decrease in sexual performance is unclearIs smoking the cause of systemic vascular disease and damaged blood vessels also causes the emergence of ED, or does smoking exacerbate the hardening of the arteries (Atherosclerosis) that previously led to impotence and sexual performance has now worsened to the degree of impotence.

Angiogenic factor is the most common factor for sexual dysfunctionsErectile dysfunction due to damage to blood vessels was found in two thirds of the cases participating in the study. It occurs as a result of a defect in the relaxation of smooth muscles in the blood vessels of the spongy body in the penis (penile corpora cavernosa).

 The NPT test, which checks for abnormal hardness and swelling of the penis at night, appears more frequently in smokers than in non-smokersThe results of the NPT test improved slightly after the smoker quit smoking.

From here we can conclude that there is a direct link between smoking cessation and decreased sexual performance, or in other words, not smoking improves sexual performance, which proves that sexual impotence in smokers is mainly caused by organic matter.

Atherosclerosis plays an important role in the development of ED in smokersCigarette smoking reduces blood flow to the penisThe more smoking continues, the more damage occurs to the spongy tissues in the penis, which constitutes a fertile ground for the development of early atherosclerotic lesions in the arteries of the spongy body in the penisAs a result, there is a further reduction in blood flow to the penis of a man who suffers from impotence.

 Coronary arteriosclerosis (arteries of the heart) is more severe in people with erectile dysfunction due to blood vesselsErectile dysfunction (ED) is an indication of hardened deposits in blood vesselsHence, impotence refers to the presence of a generalized disease of atherosclerosis that has not yet been clinically diagnosed (subclinical atherosclerosis).

Another possibility that causes impotence in smokers is due to the effect of nitric oxide (NO) on the penisN.O. is responsible for erection by transmitting nerve signals to nerve endings that relax the smooth muscles of the spongy body of the penis.

In experiments conducted on mice in a smoking environment, high blood pressure and a decrease in the production of NO was found, and therefore, it is possible that in a smoker, due to the low level of NO, there is a defect in the work of the smooth muscles necessary for the occurrence of an erection in addition to the emergence of disease in the vessels Local and systemic hematogenous.

Perhaps, there is another relationship between smoking and impaired sexual performance and vascular disease, which is a decrease in the performance of the internal tissues lining the blood vessels.

 Smoking increases the damage to the inner layer (the lining) of the walls of the arteries, which forms an early stage of the onset of atherosclerosisConstant damage to these tissues leads to slow progression of vascular disease.

Observing smokers shows that there are cases of a heart attack (myocardial infarction) , even though there is no complete blockage of the heart arteryDamage to the endothelial tissue inside the heart artery leads to an imbalance in blood flow, which leads to a myocardial infarction.

Smokers who developed vascular disease had a prevalence of ED that was three times greater than non-smokers who did not have vascular disease.

 Smokers who have not developed vascular disease do not have a significant risk of developing ED (in contrast to research conducted in Boston, which showed that smoking increases the incidence of ED also in the absence of heart disease and diabetes).

Conclusion from this study:

Men who have never smoked or smoked and quit for many years, and who have not developed a vascular disease, are not at risk of developing impotence (ED)Consequently, sex is affected by smoking cigarettes, which may cause impotence.