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The expected formation of the Juventus and Porto match in the Champions League


The expected formation of the Juventus and Porto match in the Champions League

The expected formation of the Juventus and Porto match in the Champions League

The Italian club, Juventus, led by legendary star Cristiano Ronaldo, is facing   a difficult test today, Tuesday, as the "Allianz Stadium" receives its Portuguese counterpartPorto , at exactly ten in the evening Cairo time, in the second leg match of the 16th round of the Champions League competition, and the old lady's team seeks to compensate The loss suffered in the first-leg match by two goals to one goal, in order to reserve the boarding pass for the quarter-finals of the tournament.

The Old Lady's team is also seeking to settle the match in its favor and win more than two goals to ensure its qualification for the quarter-finals of the European Champions League, to compensate the fans for losing the potential Italian league title in light of its distancing from the competition .

It is expected that Juventus will enter to face Porto with the following formation :

Goalkeepers: Chesney .

Defense: Alex Sandro, de Ligt, Bonucci, Cuadrado .

Middle: Ramsey, Rabio, Chiesa, Arthur .

Attack: Morata, Ronaldo .


With the formation of Porto came as follows: 

Goalkeepers: two markers .

Defense: Manava, Baby, Diogo, Let .

Middle: Zaido, Oliveira, Uribe, Ottavio .

Attack: Marija, Corona

Juventus entered the match euphoric by winning the last matches in the Italian league, as Juventus recently won in its last league matches against Lazio by three goals against a goal, and is currently ranked third in the Italian league table, with 52 points, and Juventus collected his points from the victory in 15 games, And a draw in 7 matches and a loss in 3 confrontations.

While the Porto team is currently in second place in the Portuguese league table with 48 points, as Porto collected 48 points, winning in 14 games, drawing in 6 meetings and defeating in two matches.

Coach Andre Pirlo aspires to improve the team's conditions and gain confidence in the European competition, with the draw that was very generous with the Bianconeri, and kept him away from fiery confrontations in this role, relying on many weapons, most notably the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, the historical scorer of the tournament and the owner of long experiences, and the Spanish striker The brilliant Alvaro Morata.

While Porto aspires to advance to a good level against Juventus, and exploit the state of volatility that the Italian champion suffers, especially as he has the advantage of winning the first way, and Porto rose to the third group behind Manchester City, ahead of Greece's Olympiacos and French Marseille.


Juventus and Porto

Juventus, the Italian league champions, will receive the Portuguese team, Porto, in the second leg of the Champions League final, at ten o'clock today.

Porto had won the first leg with two goalsThe goal scored by Federico Chiesa for Juventus in the 82nd minute is a very valuable goal, as the Italian team has a great chance of crossing into the quarter-finals if they win with a goal without response.

Juventus relies a lot on player Cristiano Ronaldo, the expert in the Champions League, as he is the historic top scorer and has won the title four times with Manchester United once and Real Madrid 3 times.

Expected formation of Juventus: ChesneyKodarado, Bonucci, De Ligt, Sandro, Chiesa, Rabiot, Arthur, Ramsey, Morata, Cristiano.

Expected formation of Puerto: MarxenManava, Pepe, Mbemba, Zido, Oliveira, Uribe, Otavido, Corona, Marija, Tarimi.