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When will the husband's behavior change in a sexual relationship?

When will the husband's behavior change in a sexual relationship?

When will the husband's behavior change in a sexual relationship?

The husband may have psychological problems and disorders resulting from his inability to be honest with the wife in the presence of a defect in his sexual performance, and this silence may result in the accumulation of problems and quarrels that may destroy married life. How can these sexual problems be distinguished?

They say that the sexual relationship between husbands is a mirror that reflects the entire marital life, and it is normal for a husband to feel the presence of a defect in his sexual performance or erectile dysfunction during intercourse, he will feel frustrated and this may affect the relationship between the spouses. Some husbands may be ashamed of being honest with their wives and talking about these problems, which may create a big gap between them later due to confidentiality, and it is likely that the husband's behavior will change and this results in the emergence of a state of tension that prevails in the atmosphere of the house. It is reported that about 30% of women whose husbands suffer from sexual performance problems will develop problems of their own, and this may lead to an increase in family problems. 

It is reported that disorders of sexual performance are a very common problem, and they may appear in men to varying degrees, as about 40% of men may have this difference and difference when they reach the age of 35 years. Thus, how to distinguish sexual performance problems in men?

 Sexual performance disorder in men

According to the sayings of sexologists, the most common scenario in the case of men suffering from erectile dysfunction is the denial of the existence of disturbances in sexual performance or concealment from the partner, and most often the period of time that passes between the appearance of the disturbance in sexual performance, and the date that is headed In it the injured person to the doctor, ranging from a year to a year and a half.

In many cases, when a man has erectile dysfunction, he begins to avoid having sex with the wife, and then anger builds up and tensions arise between the spouses, and this leads to feelings of frustration and generation of ideas in the wife that she is no longer attractive or that the husband is looking for another partner. These tensions provoke quarrels between the two parties and increase tension, and this feeds the cycle of frustration and reduces the frequency of sexual activity between spouses.

The husband’s abstention from having sex can be seen through a number of points that constitute a change in his usual behavior. His behavior may change as follows:

  • Avoid going to bed with the wife after they are accustomed to sleeping together at the same time.
  • Watching TV even late.
  • Surf the Internet even late at night, especially for men who are not used to doing so.
  • There is no desire for sex and low mood, as well as diminished social activities shared between the two parties.
  • Tendency to nervousness and frustration.

Sexual relationship during the disorder

There is a direct link between sexual performance problems and the emergence of depression, especially since erectile dysfunction leads to depression, or it may occur due to depression, and it is easy to distinguish the occurrence of depression in a man by noticing his lack of interest in the details that were provoking him and he may feel sad and unwilling to do anything. And chronic fatigue.

There are some medical treatments and medicines that have a negative effect on increasing the problem of sexual performance disorder in men, and among these medicines is a medicine intended for blood pressure, but diabetics also may have a decrease in sexual performance after 5 or 10 years of the disease, and this matter It is related to how well their sugar is balanced. Also, those who suffer from blood vessel disorders, heart attacks, heart disease, vascular disease, stroke, and the like may suffer problems with sexual function, because they have damage to the blood vessels associated with blood flow to the penis, and many more. Psychotropic medications such as antidepressants may suppress sexual desire, as well as medications intended to treat epilepsy.

It can also be noted that there are disturbances in sexual performance through indicators that appear in the bedroom, for example, there are some cases in which ejaculation occurs suddenly and quickly in men who have a healthy sexual performance, and this ejaculation occurs during intercourse as a psychological and physiological reaction, and it occurs Rapid ejaculation because the body automatically knows that the erection will disappear and ejaculate very quickly. Difficulty in penetration can also indicate problems with sexual functions in men. If the man has difficulty penetrating, and needs more stimulation and assistance than in the past, then it can be concluded that there is a problem with sexual performance.

With the advancement of the current medical age, the man’s admission of the existence of sexual disorder in him has become a natural matter and there is no need to hide it and feel ashamed, especially since sexual performance problems are part of life, and can be treated through a specialist doctor, and in some cases, a person can be referred to a doctor specializing in disorders Sexual performance.