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Oscar 2022.. Will Smith is the best for the first time and "CODA" is the film of the year


Oscar 2022.. Will Smith is the best for the first time and "CODA" is the film of the year

Brown star Will Smith won the Best Actor Oscar for the first time for his movie "King Richard" after a very tough competition with stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Garfield, Javier Bardem and Denzel Washington.

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The Academy Awards ceremony has returned to its usual home after a ceremony that was modified last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic (Reuters)

The 94th Academy Awards are back at Hollywood's Dolby Theater as the best films of the past year were honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Hosted by Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes, the show is the first time the awards show has had more than one host since Anne Hathaway and James Franco co-hosted the 83rd gala in 2011.

While the Academy Awards have returned to their usual home after a ceremony revamped last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some protocols remain in place. All attendees were required to show proof of vaccination or a valid medical exemption.

The ceremony faced controversy long before its start, when it was announced in February that 8 awards would be presented before its start in order to shorten the broadcast and allow more time for speeches and the musical tiger. Dune won 4 awards for best sound, production design, soundtrack and editing. Before the start of the original ceremony, he then added two awards for Best Photography and Best Visual Effects later in the ceremony.

Koda with the lowest nominations is the grand prize winner

"The Power of the Dog" topped the Oscar nominations with a total of 12 nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director, while Denis Villeneuve's adaptation of Frank Herbert's epic science fiction novel "Dune" earned 10 nominations. Compete for the Best Film award along with Best Cinematography, Editing and Visual Effects.

But the awards brought many unexpected surprises, as the movie "The Power of Dog" with the most nominations won only one award, which is best director, while "CODA", which was nominated for only 3 awards, is Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplay. A film that won them all, including the biggest and most important award of all time, as the best film of the year.

Koda competed with 9 other films, some of which won previous awards such as "Drive My Car" and "The Power of the Dog", but it seems that the direction of the Academy this year is to drift towards simple and traditional films, to choose a film remake, adapted from a French work, and with this unexpected hit, the platform won Apple is the owner of the movie "Coda" on the "Netflix" platform, the producer of the movie "The Power of the Dog" in honor of the first movie shown on an electronic platform to win the Best Picture Oscar.

Actress Jessica Chastain won her first Oscar for her role in the film adaptation of a true story "The Eyes of Tami Fay" (Reuters)

First Oscars for Will Smith and Jessica Chastain

Brown star Will Smith won the Best Actor Oscar for the first time for his movie "King Richard" after a very tough competition with stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Garfield, Javier Bardem and Denzel Washington.

Smith portrayed Richard Williams, father of two legendary tennis players, Richard Williams and Serena Williams, who built the athletic careers of his two daughters before they were even born. white.

Actress Jessica Chastain won her first Oscar for her role in the true story adaptation The Eyes of Tammy Faye, in which she portrayed Tammy Faye, a college girl who dropped out to help her young husband's success as one of the most famous clerics. In the United States, before her life is turned upside down, with the revelations of the financial scandals of her husband and his religious establishment.

A scene from the movie "King Richard" (social networking sites)

Beyoncé opens the party

Beyoncé opened the Oscars with her song "Be Alive" from the movie "King Richard". Beyoncé introduced tennis players Serena and Venus Williams, whose events revolve around the beginning of their sports career, and the role their father played in their success.

"We are proud to be joined by some very special movie fans in a place that has played such an important role in our lives," Venus said, referring to the tennis courts where the song's video was filmed. "The tennis courts of our hometown are in the heart of beautiful Compton, the vibrant center of Los Angeles, where we grew up," Serena continued.

The magic of "Incanto" and Pixar win

Disney competes itself in the category of animated films every year, and has submitted 3 works for this category from the 2021 films, "Encanto", "Luca" and "Raya and the Last Dragon" in competition Unfair with only two movies outside of it, "Flee" and "The Mitchells vs the Machines."

But like every year as well - with few exceptions - Pixar and Disney's "Incanto" won the Oscar for Best Animated Film, and it's a magical realistic movie, set in Colombia, about the Madrigal family who all possess magical powers except for the teenage Mirabelle, who falls upon her The burden of saving her family in the end despite being a normal human being.

Best Supporting Actor and Actress

The Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress categories are among the most competitive this year, with each of them having a number of nominees whose performances have been critical to the success of this business.

In the Best Supporting Actor category, Jesse Plymouth and Cody Smit McVeigh, Jesse Plymouth and Cody Smit McPhee, Power Of The Dog, Ciaran Hinds' Belfast, and JK Simmons' "Being the" Ricardos).

The award for Best Supporting Actor goes to deaf actor Troy Kotsur for "Coda", the first film to receive a Best Picture nomination and whose main cast consists mostly of deaf actors.

In the Best Supporting Actress category, we saw Jesse Buckley in "The Lost Daughter", veterans Judi Dench in "Belfast", Kirsten Dunst in "The Power of the Dog" and Anne Yoon Alice in "Belfast". "King Richard", but Ariana Debus received the award for her brilliant performance in the musical "West Side Story".

Actor Troy Kotsur won the award for Best Supporting Actor, and appears after winning standing with actress Marley Matlin (Reuters)

Belfast and Coda.. Glory to the simple scenarios

The Oscars screenplay awards fall into two categories. The first category is the best original screenplay written for the screen, which was awarded to Kenneth Branagh's Belfast.

The second category is the award for the best adapted screenplay, that is, taken from any other medium, which was won by the movie “Coda” based on a French film produced in 2014.

The scenario of these two works combines extreme simplicity, whether in the construction or the idea itself, as the events of Belfast take place in a small Irish city where racism and religious extremism prevail, which pushes the hero’s family to face the difficult choice between staying in the old neighborhood where family members, friends and loved ones, or emigrating for a life Safer.

We follow the narration through the eyes of the child protagonist, making the film closer to a biography of director and writer Kenneth Branagh, whose family made the same choice many years ago.

While the movie "Coda" resembles dozens of films that dealt with the story of a teenager emerging from her family's cloak to start a new life, with the complexity that all her family members suffer from deafness, which is the link between them and the outside world, but the film remains the most classic and traditional among the rest of the films This category is like "Drive My Car" or "Dog Power", in a big surprise from the Oscars.

Best Director for the second year in a row

Jane Campion for "The Power of The Dog" won Best Director, the second year for a woman to win the award, after last year's Chloe Zhao for Nomad land.

In "The Power of the Dog," the director used the hallmarks of the Western genre to turn it in the opposite direction, so we find that the masculinity for which these works are famous transformed in "The Power of the Dog" into a toxic, truly deadly masculinity that not only harms the people around The main character but you kill her is the same.

But despite Campion's win, the number of awards this film has won is certainly disappointing given its 12 nominations.

Drive my car to the Oscars in Japan!

The Japanese movie “Drive My Car” is one of the most important cinematic achievements in 2021. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, where it won 3 awards, including best screenplay, before touring several other film festivals, collecting awards and praise, and in the Oscar nominations, it had 4 nominations, for Best Film, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best International Film and Best Director.

Despite its distinguished competitors in the category of best international film, such as Italian director Paolo Sorrentino's "The Hand of God" and the Norwegian film "The Worst Person in the World", all expectations were favored to win "Drive my car." The one who didn't leave the guesswork and actually won the award.


Cruella won Best Costume Design after competing with Cyrano, Dune, Nightmare Alley and West Side Story. .

The film "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" also won the award for best makeup and hairstyling, after competing with "Coming 2 America", "Cruella", "Dune" and "Pete" House of Gucci.